Culloden Battlefield and Clava Cairns

This tour is a must for history lovers, the main attractions being Culloden Battlefield and the Clava Cairns.

In 1745 Culloden was the scene of the last hand to hand combat battle on the British Isles. Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Highland army faced the Duke of Cumberlands men on April 16th and the course of history would be changed forever.

The excellent Museum will conjure powerful emotions as you delve into the past. A 360 degree battle immersion theatre will put you right in the heart of the action, unique artifacts from the time are displayed throughout and take the time to walk out onto the moor where the battle took place for a thought provoking and moving experience.

The Clava Cairns are a pre-historic burial ground dating back 4000 years. Exceptionally well preserved, the site consists of 3 cairns (mounds of stones built as a memorial or landmark) and standing stones. The site is hugely significant and a fantastic example of the distant history of Highland Scotland.

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